Why Companies Use eValueMe?

When we say "We are the people's HR," we mean that we are here to help the people establish their value in the marketplace. Of course, we also need to provide a determined solution for companies, which we do really, really well.

Our pricing model proves that we are not here to make a buck. We're here to create efficiency and to reduce stress. We make business easier! And, we love what we do. It makes us happy. We specialize in freeing up your time to do great things.

The Astonishing Team Behind the Scenes

Our platform is on stage but we have an amazing team of people running lights, sound, and planning the choreography of the performance you are able to enjoy. We do all this from our rural location in Prosser, Washington.

eValueMe was conceived on an airplane way back in 2006 when what we have today was not even technically possible. To say we push the boundaries on the use of technology is an understatement! Right here in our little town, we push the window on what is possible so that you can enjoy the benefits.

We built a beautiful franchise management system from scratch for another business and as that company grew, we realized we could benefit from a system with similar tools for organizing all our HR stuff.

So, we built it! We used it and refined it for years and eventually (when we had the time) we actually made it look pretty and began testing it with other companies. As a result of that, we built some enhancements to the system and finally launched it for formal use in 2019.

So, what is all this about living in rural America? Well, we are not hip on city life. We really enjoy the pace of life and the energy of rural America. We also feel that the longevity of the city experiment has a shelf life and we would rather be helpful when the time comes than helpless. Kind of like our HR software! Did you know they make wine in Prosser? We will be here if you happen to visit.