How Are We Different?

let us show you...

Get culture creating power through your HR love.

People are your greatest asset for an efficient workplace. If you give energy to your team on issues that are important to them, they will build an awesome culture! They can establish a healthy organization that is free to be all that it can be.

Getting truly helpful support.

We excel at awesome customer support. Without your business, there is no need for ours - literally! Our team is always listening to gain insight to better serve you. We want to see your company and your people thrive!

Simple to start, simple to use.

Know your reputation is on the line for bringing in something new to your organization we make sure eValueMe, is simple, intuitive, clear and easy to use. If you get into trouble, our technicians are always ready to help you and get you and your employees back on track. With that kind of service, they will truly appreciate eValueMe!


Providing great value.

Great value is more than just affordable (but you sure can’t complain about eValueMe's pricing! It's about anticipating what your company will need and what features you need to be the best. It’s about making sure you have the right tools to get the job done. You will gain insight into your employees to help strengthen your culture and streamline your organization, not just the HR.